Message from Chairman

Welcome to the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering.

After two years of the establishment of the Pabna University of Science and Technology in 2008, to fulfill the necessity of higher studies in Electronics and Telecommunication, a new department named Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering emerged. Professor Dr. M. Mozaffor Hossain is the founder Head of the Department.

The role of electricity, electronics, communication and computers in the present world is well established. All the fields of this fascinating discipline i.e. Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering (ETE) are indispensable in modernizing and improving the quality of lives of the people on the earth. To meet the increasing demand of studies in different fields of Electronics, Computer and Communication in the country and to expand the facilities for quicker advancement of Electronics and related education in general, the department introduced B.Sc. (Eng.) courses.

The mission of the department is to explore new frontiers of Science, Engineering and Technology through academic search and development. Our vision is to achieve highest Excellency in academic programs in the field of Engineering and Technology. We are committed to be an integral part in the struggle of Bangladesh for sustainable growth and development.

Dr. Sheikh Rashel Al Ahmed
Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
Direct Line: 073164903(Office)